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The power to scale an Advisor’s practice without sacrificing flexibility.

ModelTool(k)it is a comprehensive modeling and unitization solution for mutual fund and ETF based portfolios. Easy-to-use and efficient, ModelTool(k)it’s interface and innovative technology offers 401(k) plan professionals a resource to quickly and easily manage and implement managed accounts, simplifying the sophisticated model management process.

The ModelTool(k)it Platform provides:

  • Portfolio models of mutual funds and/or ETF’s
  • Model maintenance and rebalancing options
  • Access to more than 17,000 mutual funds and ETFs
  • Ability to set scheduled or tolerance based rebalancing rules
  • Function to automatically replace mutual funds and ETFs globally as required across all plans and record-keepers
  • Less expensive option to run models than individual Collective Investment Trust
  • Portfolio models of mutual funds
  • Asset allocation strategies

"What are the benefits?"

All Stakeholders can enjoy the speed, efficiency, and quality of the ModelTool(k)it managed portfolios using the Matrix custody, trading, and clearing platform.

Plan Recordkeepers

  • More efficient trading.
  • Each model has a specific identifier making trading and reconciliation easy.


  • Easily add and rebalance their own models.
  • Leverage Envestnet's staff of CFAs and PhDs to vet models, manager, and provide fiduciary support.
  • Utilize Outsourced 3(38) Investment Managers.

Fund Strategists

  • Efficiently deploy asset allocation strategies across all plans.
  • Rebalances or changes to investment selections efficiently communicated to TPA/RK.
  • Increase visbility through ModelTool(k)it.

Available Fund Strategists on ModelTool(k)it

For more information, please contact us at 866-935-6824.

Approved Fund Strategists in the ERS Fund Strategist Network

Envestnet Retirement Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of Envestnet, Inc. (NYSE: ENV), provides due diligence, monitoring and oversight on a select roster of institutional grade and boutique Strategic and Dynamic Approved Fund Strategists. Structurally, after completing extensive due diligence, these Fund Strategists operate as non-discretionary investment advisors and submit their models of mutual funds and/or ETFs to ERS for trading and unitization through the Matrix ModelTool(k)it. ERS serves as the 3(38) Investment Manager on the Fund Strategist Portfolios to the 401(k) plan sponsor thus providing the independent, objective, unbiased fiduciary oversight and protection that plan sponsors, broker-dealers and advisors seek.

The ERS Fund Strategist Network currently includes:

For more information on ERS’ opinions and perspectives on the Fund Strategists, their philosophies, management disciplines and portfolios, and on ERS’ other services and solutions, please contact the ERS Advisor Sales Desk at 866.318.4015 or contact us at