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Mutual Fund Trading Platform

We are Leading Independent Provider of TrueOpen Mutual Fund Trading Platform Solutions

Matrix Financial Solutions is the leading independent provider of TrueOpen mutual fund trading platform solutions – offering more than 25,000 funds from which to choose. In addition, we offer financial institutions one of the most automated and cost-effective mutual fund transaction processing available today.

The Difference is in the Platform

Fully Automated

Our automated, low-cost platform for mutual fund and ETF processing includes:

  • Transparent trading interfaces
  • Daily reconciliation capabilities
  • A paperless, automated fund-account opening process
  • A single net settlement for all trade activity.

This all-in-one solution eliminates the difficult task of executing new mutual fund agreements with customers for each trade, saving time and resources while increasing accuracy.

Innovative Technology

Our technology, combined with the power of the NSCC’s Fund/SERV Networking and the Defined Contribution Clearing & Settlement (DCC&S) products has revolutionized mutual fund trading and reconciliation. Using a true, straight-through trade process, customers are now able to post dividends and capital gains, which supports daily reconciliation, reduces costly errors associated with manual transactions and streamline entry time.

Broker-friendly, Trading Platform

Our platform is “broker-friendly,” which allows customers to submit mutual fund trades with outside brokers who will be compensated directly from the mutual fund companies, creating unprecedented levels of efficiency and control.