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Level Compensation

Use Our Level Compensation Service to Stay Current with the DOL rule

Implement compensation controls within investment line-ups

New regulations constantly alter how the financial services industry operates, leaving organizations scrambling to comply. Staying current requires having the right tools in place to thrive—and win—in the new environment. Increased visibility from an open architecture process at both the firm and advisor level is becoming the default solution and the ultimate equalizer for gaining new business and complying with regulatory changes.

The Matrix Level Compensation service now provides SEC registered broker/dealers and their registered representatives with a way to comply with new regulations, win new business and better serve existing clients while reducing the risk associated with selecting a fund line-up resulting in an advisor’s non-levelized compensation. A broker/dealer can choose from one of two mutual fund lists that generate either a flat 25 bps or 50 bps. Matrix manages all 12b-1 revenue collection and reconciliation efforts with the fund companies and offer a single payment and reporting via DTCC’s Commission Settlement service.

With Matrix’s Level Compensation service you can begin to empower your advisors with better information while creating a powerful competitive advantage for your firm.