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Point-of-Sale Materials

Get Access to Customized, White Labeled, Point of Sale Materials for Your Business

Make a big impression with one click

Gone are the “swivel chair” and “local print shop” days of being an open architecture advisor. In today’s highly competitive market where time and convenience is everything, Matrix offers a unique approach to open architecture – the “bundled, unbundled process.” Combined with our open architecture technology, the Matrix Point-of-Sale materials close the gap between open architecture and the bundled provider.

Now, advisors can simply hit the easy button and have access to customized, white labeled pre- and post-sale brochures that help win new business. From our pre-sale Plan Sponsor brochure that outlines the open architecture approach and its benefits to an official plan proposal piece that details the process and players involved, our presentation materials promote the advisor as the face of the plan, not the provider, and can help advisors close the deal and keep the business.

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